Community CCTV Cameras Goldthorpe

Community CCTV Cameras for a Safer Neighbourhood

Big Local funding has been used to purchase 4 CCTV cameras (associated software and number plate recognition camera) and they have been installed in various trouble spot areas in Goldthorpe and Bolton on Dearne. We are working with the Police, WCCTV and the council’s Safer Neighbourhood Services to use these cameras to try and tackle issues around anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping. 

If you think a camera can help with any problems where you live then please submit a query though our website or ring our Support Worker, April Fisher on 07879 739043 to discuss further. The police have a strict protocol to follow when looking at locations for cameras, so if the location is not suitable we won’t be able to install a camera there.

If an incident occurs that you think might have been caught on a Big Local camera then please ring 101 to report Anti-Social behaviour issues or the 01226 773555 for fly tipping issues and remember to give the location of the camera. You will need to have a fairly accurate description of the incident including the date and time it occurred.

Current locations of cameras:

  • Carfield Lane, Bolton on Dearne
  • St Andrews Square, Bolton on Dearne
  • Straight Lane, Goldthorpe
  • High Street, Goldthorpe